5 Inspiring Student Loan Debt Bloggers

Student loan debt can be exhausting, overwhelming, and isolating. But, there’s no need to feel alone with your debt. There are thousands of people successfully paying back their student loans. And lucky for us, some of these people are blogging about their journeys! Check out these 5 inspiring student loan debt bloggers. Each blogger shares inspiring personal stories, plus tips, tricks, and advice on paying off student loan debt!

Financial Panther

After graduating from law school with $87,000 in student loan debt, attorney Kevin decided to pay off his debt as soon as possible.

He paid off his debt in just 2.5 years and attributes his success to “choosing not to live like a big shot lawyer.” Kevin also engaged in a variety of side hustles, from dog sitting to selling old furniture on Craig’s List. Financial Panther is inspiring and Kevin’s tactics are actionable for anyone with extra hustle!

Optimistic Millennial

When Kaytie Zimmerman graduated in 2011, she and her husband had a $71,000 principle balance in combined student loan debt. But, in just four years, they totally paid off student loan debts. Oh, and they bought a house, moved twice, and gave or saved more than 15% of their income along the way!

Kaytie’s blog is designed to help Millennials overcome financial and career related obstacles to adulthood. Her site is a killer resource for  tools and knowledge to help you find financial success.

DIY to Wealth

Big and Lil, an accountant and a physician assistant, are the adorable couple behind DIY to Wealth. DIY to Wealth chronicles the duo’s adventures in personal finance, debt management, and saving. Together, the couple has paid off $100k in student loans in less than 2 years – while living in New York City!

Their blog is chockablock with empowering tips on budgeting and great advice for living a more frugal lifestyle.

Punch Debt in the Face

With the humorous tag line, “If debt had a face, wouldn’t you punch it?” this blog is a fun dive into personal finance. The”Ninja” behind this personal finance site paid off his student loan debt of $28,462.96 in just three years with aggressive re-payment plans.

Punch Debt in the Face is a laid back and fun finance blog that covers all kinds of topics, from budgeting to gas prices to student debt interest.

Yes, I Am Cheap

Sandy is the writer behind Yes, I Am Cheap and began 2008 with $121,000 worth of debt from “massive” student loans and a failed business. On her highly informative blog, she discusses every facet of debt, from her personal debt story to the ins and outs of refinancing loans.

Sandy’s blog is a relatable and highly personal account of “clawing her way out of debt.” Plus, Yes, I Am Cheap is an excellent resource for those looking for inspiration, tips on saving, and frugal living. Check it out now!

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