5 Inspiring TED Talks to Watch If You Have Student Debt

TED Talks are a highly informative, entertaining way to gain practical advice on dealing with your student debt and personal finances.

If you’re ready for a boost of curated inspiration, check out our list of curated TED Talks for:

  • inspiring stories
  • expert information
  • humor
  • real talk about personal finances and debt!

And now, onto the curated list:

TED Talk # 1: An Honest Look at the Personal Finance Crisis

Author Elizabeth White opens up about how to live a wonderful life on a limited income.

TED Talk # 2: How College Loans Exploit Students for Profit

Today, students share over a combined $1 trillion in student loan debts. But, Professor Sajay Samuel has a radical proposal to fix the student loan crisis. His proposal could help students “make informed decisions about their future, restore their love of learning, and contribute to the world in a meaningful way.” Intrigued? Check out this talk!

TED Talk # 3: How I Learned To Read – and Trade – Stocks in Prison

This is one incredibly inspiring TED talk. Learn how Curtis “Wall Street” Carroll overcame poverty, illiteracy, and incarceration to become a stock investor – and financially literate.

TED Talk # 4: Let’s Get Honest About Our Money

Want to be free of “money shame?” Want to  stop equating your bank account with your self-worth? Want to feel better about your finances? Watch Tammy Lally’s compassionate TED talk right here, right now.

TED Talk # 5 – The Battle Between Your Present and Future Self

If you’re feeling down, watch this talk. Daniel Goldstein wants to help you make smart choices for Future Us. You got this!


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