5 Tips to Ask for a LoanGift Without Feeling Awkward

Whether it’s the time for a birthday present or a thank you gift for watering houseplants, most of us would appreciate a small student loan repayment over any other gift. But what if you feel weird about asking for a student loan repayment as a gift? No need to fear! We’ve got five tips to help ease the awkwardness:

Create a LoanGifting profile

The first and most important step to receiving loan repayments as gifts is to create a LoanGifting profile. Using the established platform on LoanGifting is the best start to receiving loan repayments for several reasons. First, your profile gives potential donors the opportunity to learn more about you, your story, and your desire to pay back your student loan. Secondly, the formalized platform of LoanGifting, with thousands of members, creates a legitimate platform for donors to contribute towards your repayment.

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Share your platform

Once you have created a compelling LoanGifting Profile, it’s time to let your network know your repayment game plan. Send out an email courteously suggesting the idea of donations to your student loan repayment in lieu of gifts the next time a special occasion comes up. Make sure to keep the email brief and extra polite. And, be sure to thank everyone for their continued support and love!

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Use friends and family as megaphones

Do you have a good friend who’s always got your back? Is your Aunt Suzy the family messenger? If you have a friend or family member who’s a master communicator, try using them as your repayment advocate. If there’s an upcoming occasion where people might give you gifts, have your trusted ally suggest the idea (in email or in person) that a small contribution towards your student loan repayment would be the absolute best gift you could receive this birthday.

Give the gift of LoanGifting

Do your friends or family members have their own student loan debts? Show them how valuable crowdfunding down these debts can be. Make a small donation towards their debt on their LoanGifting profile, so they can feel the power of crowdsourced debt repayment firsthand. You’ll get two benefits from this pay it forward action. First, the warm, fuzzy feeling of helping a friend! Secondly, you’ve also shown your pal how great a debt repayment gift is, and have paved the stage for future LoanGifting contributions in the future.

Share your successes

If you’ve been lucky enough to receive a LoanGifting donation, be sure to thank the donor! Give them a shoutout on their favorite social media channel. Tell them thank you in person the next time you meet up. Or, consider a phone call if the person doesn’t live close by. If someone is especially generous (or loves mail) a snail mail thank you card is a lovely gesture to show your donor some major appreciation. Showing your genuine appreciation for any LoanGifting donation will make you feel good, and encourage future donations in the future. Plus, it’s just good manners!

Asking for a loan repayment as a gift might feel awkward or weird, but the people who give you gifts want to help you! Let them know a small contribution towards your student loan debt is the best gift possible, in any amount.

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