7 Inspiring Student Loan Debt Blogs To Read Right Now

If you’re struggling with debt, you need to check out these 7 inspiring student loan debt blogs ASAP. Each blog is packed with advice, tips, and inspiration by real people who have paid off their student loan debts – fast. Get ready to bring on the motivation!  

No More Harvard Debt

Joe Mihalic’s uber-popular blog chronicled his journey to  “destroy $90k of student debt in seven months.”

So, how did Mihalic pay off the $90k debt he accrued while earning his Harvard MBA? His approach was twofold. First, Milhalic increased his income. Next, he made a commitment to living very frugally. Lucky for us, he shares all the details on No More Harvard Debt.

Read his blog for a big heap of inspiration on paying off your student loan debt quickly.

Dear Debt 

Melanie began her Dear Debt blog in 2013. Her goal? To pay off $81,000 of student loan debt and record her journey to do so. Since then, Melanie has paid off her debt and created an awesome resource about dealing with the many emotional aspects of debt.

Additionally, Melanie’s “Dear Debt” blog series is super inspiring. In the special series, readers write in with their own “break-up letters” to their debt. The result of the letters? A renewed energy to pay off their debts! 

Millennial Boss 

Juliet began her Millennial Boss blog as a way to narrate her journey to debt-free living. Saddled with $100,000 of student loan debt after graduating, Juliet undertook a series of giant lifestyle changes to get out of debt.

Written in a friendly, fun voice, Juliet’s blog is the perfect read for those who need motivation to live frugally and create more financial wealth.


Another amazing student loan debt blog to read is Amanda-Page.com. On her blog, Amanda breaks down how she paid off $48,000 of student debt in just 14 months!

Page’s blog wins for transparency. Her site includes a breakdown of the steps she took to make a “monster” debt payment each month. The steps are inspiring and illuminating, and include everything from selling stuff on Craig’s List to saving loose change.

Making Sense of Cents

Michelle not only paid off $38k of student loan debt in 7 months, she also detailed how she did it on her blog! The Making Sense of Blog is an excellent resource for anyone struggling with student loan debt. Firstly, Michelle writes in a clear, easy to understand voice. Additionally, Michelle offers practical tips, guides, and info on how to both earn and save more money. Check out Making Sense of Cents ASAP.

Blogging Away Debt

This debt and loan payoff blog is a mix of various writers, all in different life stages. The unifying thread? Everyone writes about their journeys to pay off their debt. The article topics are wide and varied, and provide relatable info to every type of reader.  

Bottom line? Blogging Away Debt is chockablock with real people sharing their personal debt stories and tips. Read if you need to virtually hang out with people who understand the struggle of debt.

Thirty Six Months 

“Thirty-Six Months,” is based on the theory that 36 months is the ideal amount of time to pay off a debt.

On her info-saturated site, Marissa shares how she paid off both her student loan and credit card debts. Additionally, 36 Months is packed with all kinds of financial tips, from cooking on a budget to FAQs about loans. In short, 36 Months is the perfect primer for those dealing with debt!

Let us know your other favorite student loan bloggers in the comments below!

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