Allied Health Care Faculty Minnesota Student Loan Forgiveness Program 9K

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Minnesota’s Loan Forgiveness Program recruits and retains health care professionals to needed areas and facilities within Minnesota. Loan forgiveness is an important benefit for healthcare professionals as well as health care facilities and communities experiencing a shortage of access to primary health care services.

All participants are responsible for securing their own eligible employment and must begin working no later than March 31 following completion of their education or training program. Participants may complete their service obligation at more than one eligible location and may also transfer to another eligible facility during their obligation. Participants must agree to practice in an eligible geographic area, facility type, teaching area, patient group or specialty type in Minnesota at least 30 hours per week (12 credit hours or 720 hours per year for faculty) and for a minimum of three years, with the exception of a nurse, who must agree to serve a minimum two-year full-time service obligation, with the option to renew an additional two years. Award Amount Annual loan forgiveness awards are based on 15 percent of the average educational debt of recent graduates in each profession. A participant’s annual award amount is fixed at the time of selection. A participant may receive loan forgiveness benefits for a maximum of four years. Loan forgiveness awards are exempt from state and federal income taxes.

Eligible Health Professions

  • Public Health Nurse
  • Dental Therapist/Advanced Dental Therapist
  • Mental Health Professions
    • Licensed Psychologist
    • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
  • Midlevel Practitioners
    • Nurse practitioner students/graduates
    • Certified Nurse Midwife students/graduates
    • Nurse Anesthetists student/graduates
    • Advanced Clinical Nurse Specialist students/graduates
    • Physicians Assistants students/graduates
  • Pharmacist
    • students/residents in a Pharmacy program licensed pharmacists
  • Physician
    • Primary Care Residents
    • Licensed Physicians
    • (Family Practice, Internal Medicine, OB/GYN, Pediatrics, Psychiatry)
  • Nurse in nursing homes
    • Licensed Practical Nurse/Nurse students
    • Registered Nurse/Nurse students
  • Faculty
    • Students studying to become Allied Health Care instructors or Nursing Instructors
  • Dentists
    • Students/Residents in a Dental program
    • Licensed Dentists

Loans That Qualify

  • Stafford loans
  • Grad PLUS loans
  • Consolidation loans
  • Perkins loans
  • Health Professions Student Loans (HPSL)
  • Private student loans

Next Steps

The application process is handled by WebGrants at the Minnesota Department of Health.

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