The Art of Asking For a LoanGift

Asking for a donation towards your student loans can be hard. The process of reaching out and asking can actually be easier than you think if you remember these key concepts: relationships, planning, and process. We will go into more detail below.

Your Relationships are important!

As you are in the process of setting up a LoanGifting campaign for your student loans, you need to remember to build strong relationships with the people you are planning on asking for a donation from. Before you approach your contacts for a donation, make sure to reach out to each person and educate them about the LoanGifting campaign you are starting. Once you have introduced them to your cause to pay down your student loans, is when you should ask for the LoanGift. Each relationship you build, is one you want to make stronger and long lasting.

Planning Your Approach to Ask

Before you are ready to ask for a LoanGift there are some points on to touch on be ensure you’re ready:

1- Who are you asking? A family member? A friend? A coworker? Etc.

2- Be Prepared to Hear No: You have to understand that raising money is a numbers game. You will not connect with each of your peers to get a LoanGift, and that is expected, just do not let it discourage you and keep yourself motivated.

3- Explain How Each Gift Helps: People want to know that their donation is going towards something specific and trustworthy. That is exactly what LoanGifting is set up to do.

The Process: How To Ask

So here you are, you’ve maintained relationships, and planned out your approach with how to ask for a donation for your campaign. The question is, how do you complete the process of asking for the donation? 

1- Shift the Focus. Once you have gotten past the ice breaking part of the conversation, shift the focus so that the person you’re speaking with knows you have something important to talk about. You can shift the conversation by saying that you could use their help with your LoanGifting campaign.

2 – Conveying Why You Need A LoanGift. This is your selling point for why you’re specifically asking for a LoanGift in the first place.

3 – Making The Ask. The golden rule is to make your approach on requesting for a donation to be a question and specific. Each person will ask in their own way, but make sure to focus on your LoanGifting campaign and what the benefits are for you specifically.

This process may sound complicated at first, but after you practice, it will come naturally. Having a script or outline for your approach to ask can benefit you, so that when the situation does arise, you will feel more confident about spreading the word about your LoanGifting campaign.

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