Extraordinary Gifting Series: David and Brea Ramos

Welcome to our new series, Extraordinary Gifting! In this series, we’ll profile some of the extraordinary gifters from around the globe who have made extraordinary LoanGifts to members of our LoanGifting community.

Today, we’ll be sharing David Ramos and Brea Ramos’s stories. This lovely couple has received dozens of extremely generous LoanGifts and have lots of great tips for other LoanGifters on making the most of the platform.


Now, let’s meet David and Brea Ramos!

David Ramos is 29 years old and was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Brea Ramos, 24 years old, is originally from Georgia, and moved to Ohio as a small child. Today, the couple live in Middleburg Heights, Ohio.

David and Brea met at church, where they both volunteered together with various youth programs. As the pair spent more and more time together, “our working together grew into more,” said David.

During their first year of marriage, both David and Brea were still in school. Brea was finishing her B.A. while David was finishing his M.A. Both David and Brea continued to work full-time while pursuing their degrees, but even so their debt built up to just over $80,000.

However, through “discipline and sacrifice, we’ve been able to knock out over two-thirds of that debt on our own,” said David.

Recently, David and Brea also received a very generous LoanGift from gifter Lorena Rosa.

Read on for how Lorena’s gift, their other dozens of generous LoanGifts, and the LoanGifting platform has helped improved David and Brea’s lives:


How did you hear about LoanGifting? Why did you decide to sign up?

David: When my wife and I started to look at what our next steps would be, it became clear that one more level of education was necessary in order for us to reach our goals as a family.

Brea’s decision to pursue a Ph.D. would also mean a significant change to our finances as a family – a change that would only be possible if our student debt was completely gone.

So we began researching how we could make that a reality. When we stumbled onto LoanGifting, it made a lot of sense for us. We have a strong network of support; many who know how hard we’ve worked to get to where we are and would likely be willing to support us in this next phase. We figured we didn’t have much to lose by trying so we signed up and started to share our campaign.


What’s been your experience on the platform so far?

Our experience has been very positive so far. It was very simple to set up our account and begin sharing our story with people in our network.

Between our continued hard work and the generosity of others, we’ve already hit over 31% of our goal since joining the platform a couple months ago.


What was your experience like receiving your recent LoanGift from Lorena Rosa? How did it make you feel?

Receiving every gift, of any size, is always a giant breath of fresh air. It’s encouraging to see the support, but even more so to feel like other people believe in us and what we’re trying to accomplish.


How will this gift help you and improve your life?

I’ve seen the statistic that every $25 given saves the recipient (us!) over $40 because of interest and related fees. That’s incredible. And we honestly feel that savings whenever we look at our loan amount decreasing.

Our student loans are like this giant boulder sitting in the road, blocking us from where we need to go next. Every time someone gives a gift to support us, its like they came over with a pickaxe and knocked out a chunk of that boulder. It might be a small chunk, but it’s one less chunk we have to try to knock off ourselves. And when you get enough of those supporters to show up, the boulder disappears in no time!


What’s your hope for others dealing with student debt? Or for others on the LoanGifting platform?

First and foremost, that you will achieve the goal of eliminating your student debt once and for all. I also hope that seeing others support you will encourage you to work that much harder towards achieving your freedom, and going after whatever your next step might be.


Any tips for others on LoanGifting?

Don’t be afraid to ask. You honestly don’t know who might be willing and able to give towards your student loans if you just have the courage to ask them.

And once you reach your goal, remember to pay it forward!


Thank you for sharing your story with us David and Brea!

Feeling Inspired?

We hope these stories of extraordinary generosity in the Extraordinary Gifting series inspire you to consider making a donation towards a fellow LoanGifting member this holiday season.

Even a small donation, like for the price of a cup of holiday-flavored coffee, could really help out another community member struggling with their student debt!

To make a donation towards a LoanGifting community member, search through our database of members here: https://www.loangifting.com/index

** Be sure to tune in next week, when we share the story of Lorena Rosa, who made the generous LoanGift towards David and Brea!

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