Extraordinary Gifting Series: Lorena Rosa

Welcome to our new series, Extraordinary Gifting! In this series, we’ll profile some of the extraordinary gifters from around the globe who have made extraordinary LoanGifts to members of our LoanGifting community.

Last week, we shared David and Brea Ramos’s story. David and Brea recently received an extremely generous LoanGift from Lorena Rosa.

Today, we’ll be sharing Lorena Rosa’s story and explore why she made such a generous LoanGift towards David and Brea.


Now, let’s meet Lorena Rosa!


Lorena Rosa decided to contribute a LoanGift towards David and Brea’s student loan debt repayment after the pair reached out to her over email. Lorena had her own experiences with student debt and was immediately touched by David and Brea’s request for help.

“We married at the age of 19 and struggled with college debt. We believed a good education would help us pursue the careers we wanted. Unfortunately, the debt kept growing and added much stress to our relationship,” Lorena said.

“We were forced to make a choice to only have one of us go to college, as we both worked full time to pay the school debt along the way. But, after having children, going back to college made it difficult to juggle finances and added additional school debt to our already stressful life.

After our children grew up I returned to college and received a degree, which brought personal gratification but also more college loan debt,” she said.


Paying It Forward


Lorena felt compelled to help David and Brea out with their student debt repayments on LoanGifting because she wanted to help the dynamic duo improve their lives.

“I see a young couple on the right track and moving towards a future of helping people, If they need a little help, why not?!” said Lorena.

Lorena also had an experience of someone helping her out with her own student debt. Lorena wanted to take a similar attitude and approach of generosity towards David and Brea.

“I had someone reach out to me and help me with my student debt out of the kindness of their heart,” Lorena said. “And I believe in “paying it forward.”


Solving Student Debt, One Step At A Time


Lorena is also very inspired by the LoanGifting mission to help others with their student loan debt through monetary contributions. She is continually dismayed by the state of students’ lives in the United States, as they become saddled with thousands of dollars in debt while trying to educate themselves.

“It saddens me to think of the students that are seeking a better future and are held hostage with student debt,” Lorena said. “I think LoanGifting is a great idea. Anytime an organization is available to help people, I’m interested.”


Reach Out: Help Others, Help Yourself


Lorena hopes her extremely generous LoanGift toward David and Brea’s student loan debts encourages others to reach out to their own networks for help.

I am a true believer of living debt free. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people, someone is out there willing to help,” she said.


Looking To The Future


We hope the Extraordinary Gifting series encourages you to reach out to your network for help in repaying your own student loan debt back.

 We also hope this story of extraordinary generosity inspires you to consider making a donation towards a fellow LoanGifting member this holiday season. Even a small donation, like for the amount of a peppermint latte, could really help to alleviate the weight of someone else’s student debt – and make the end of their year a little sweeter!

** Be sure to tune in next week for the final story in this installment of our Extraordinary Gifting series!

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