Extraordinary Gifting Series: Nathaniel Toci

Welcome to our new series, Extraordinary Gifting! In this series, we’ll profile some of the extraordinary gifters from around the globe who have made extraordinary LoanGifts to members of our LoanGifting community.

Last week, we featured community member Tyson Viva’s story. Tyson recently received a very generous LoanGift from donor Nathaniel Toci.

Today, we’ll be sharing Nathaniel Toci’s story and explore why he was compelled to make such a generous LoanGift – to someone he has never met.


Now, let’s meet Nathaniel Toci!

Nathaniel Toci is a 23 year old U.S. Army soldier raised in Pennsylvania. He grew up in a big family, as the fifth out of nine siblings! Three of his siblings are in college right now, while another serves in the U.S. Navy. His non-military siblings in college have taken out student loans to help pay back their debt and are now part of the “student debt statistic.” Nathaniel believes “the way that most universities are run seem much to the detriment of the students instead of to their betterment.”


LoanGifting to Help Others

Intrigued by the idea of anonymously donating towards paying off someone’s student loan debt, Nathaniel discovered LoanGifting through a friend’s Facebook post. He immediately loved the idea of helping those struggling with debt through a monetary donation.

After becoming familiar with the LoanGifting platform, Nathaniel decided to randomly choose a community member to make an extremely generous LoanGift towards.

And the member he selected was Tyson Viva.


The Extraordinary Gift

Inspired by the Biblical verse “We love because He first loved us.” (1 John 4:19), Nathaniel felt called to show kindness and compassion towards someone who needed help.

And so, Nathaniel decided to donate his entire Pell Grant check towards Tyson Viva.

“I received a check for a certain amount for the Pell grant to pay for books and such. Seeing as how I am not hurting for money and the Lord blesses me with a steady paycheck with the Army, I chose to give the exact amount of money I received from the Pell Grant to someone who needed it,”  Nathaniel said.


Inspiring the Community

Nathaniel hopes his LoanGift towards Tyson Viva, someone he has never met, inspires others to help those in need.

“I hope that others are compelled to show more neighborly love and compassion to those who are in a pinch. As a country we used to rely on our loving neighbors and community to help pay for unexpected and unfortunate events.”

Additionally, he hopes more employers decide to offer student loan assistance to their employees.

“I think Loangifting is great for employers to offer alleviation to potential employees and I think it would be great to expand that ability to any person that wants to help,” Nathaniel said.


Thank you for sharing your story with us Nathaniel! And thank you for helping LoanGifting member Tyson Viva!


Next Steps

We hope Nathaniel’s and Tyson’s stories inspire you to continue your journey on the LoanGifting platform and to expect miracles as you pay back your student loan debt.

Additionally, we hope this story of extraordinary generosity inspires you to consider making a donation towards a fellow LoanGifting member this holiday season. Even a small donation, like for the amount of a cup of coffee, could truly help someone with the burden of student debt – and lift their spirits!

To make a donation towards a LoanGifting community member, search through our database of members here: https://www.loangifting.com/index

** Be sure to tune in next week, for more stories in our Extraordinary Gifting series!
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