Extraordinary Gifting Series: Tyson Viva

Welcome to our new series, Extraordinary Gifting! In this series, we’ll profile some extraordinary gifters from around the globe who have made extraordinary LoanGifts to members of our LoanGifting community.

We hope this new series inspires you to continue your journey on the LoanGifting platform and to expect miracles! There are so many gifters out there who want to help you – yes, you! – with the burden of your student debt.

Additionally, we hope this series encourages you to consider making a donation towards a fellow LoanGifting member this holiday season. Even a small donation, like for the amount of a cup of coffee, could potentially mean the world to another community member struggling with their student debt.

Finally, we hope this series can provide some helpful tips on how to make the most out of the LoanGifting platform on your own student debt journey.


Now, let’s meet our very first community member featured in the Extraordinary Gifting Series: Tyson Viva, who recently received a very generous LoanGift from Nathaniel Toci!


Tyson Viva is a 27 year old single father of 2 beautiful little girls living in Chattanooga, Tennessee. After proudly serving in the U.S. Army, he went back to school to earn a degree in Landscape Management. Since then, Tyson has put off paying back his student loans, in order to make sure his children have everything they need. Recently, he created a LoanGifting account to help crowdsource and alleviate some of his debt burden….and that’s when things got interesting!

Recently, Tyson received an extremely generous LoanGift, from a donor he had never met – Nathaniel Toci, a man who is extremely passionate about helping others and helping relieve others of their student debt burden.

Read on for Tyson’s experience receiving his extraordinary LoanGift from gifter Nathaniel Toci – and how this LoanGift has greatly improved his life:


How did you hear about LoanGifting? Why did you decide to sign up?

I heard about Loan Gifting by looking for ways to help with my student loans, I came across a news article about the company and just fell in love with the idea. I would love to be able to help people as I have gotten help in the past.

I signed up not really thinking that I would get any help. But then, by a what I would call a miracle, someone reached out and helped. Knowing that this one person took the time to read my story and helped meant the world to me. I still have a long way to go but knowing that people are out there helping people like me, is truly an amazing thing.


What’s been your experience on the platform so far?

My experience has been amazing with using the platform. It is simple and easy to use. Plus, the support from the company and its employees has been nothing short of amazing. Everyone has been so helpful not only to me – but my children as well.


What was your experience like receiving your recent LoanGift from Nathaniel? How did it make you feel?

I have received one donation so far, and let me tell you when I got that notification that someone has reached out to me, I cried like a baby.

It was such a blessing to me and my family. Every time I think about it, I tear up knowing that I am not alone and that there are people in this crazy world that are still looking out for one another.


How will his gift help you and improve your life?

This gift that I received has helped me in more ways than I can ever describe. I didn’t have to worry this month about which bill I am not going to pay because I had to take my daughter to the doctor or because my girls needed winter clothes.

My whole life revolves around my children and knowing that for that month, I can get them what they needed, will be a feeling I will never forget.


What’s your hope for others dealing with student debt? Or for others on the LoanGifting platform?

My hope is that with this application, that we can get all student loan debt under control or gone. People helping people is such a blessing. A lot of it goes unnoticed, which is sad. There needs to be more people aware that there is hope and people are looking to help.


And any tips for others on LoanGifting?

My one tip would be don’t give up. Don’t ever give up. That it will get better. you need to work every day and stay at it. Keep your course and know that God has a plan. Spread the word, share the love.


Be sure to tune in next week for this series, when we’ll feature the story of Nathaniel Toci, the extraordinary gifter who made the extraordinary LoanGift towards Tyson Viva!

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