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Four Finance Podcasts All Recent College Graduates Should Listen To

Thanks to the internet, information has never been easier to access. If you’re reading this blog, it’s probably only one of a dozen you follow for news, advice, or laughs. Or maybe you just landed here by clicking a page from a Google search result. But websites and blog posts aren’t the only information sources in the content cupboard. TED Talks dominate YouTube searches and internet radio providers host hundreds of podcasts about any topic imaginable. (It’s also never been easier to get distracted at work, but we can worry about that later). Yes, it’s true anyone can buy a microphone and record a podcast full of nonsense, but there are more than enough shows out there genuinely trying to improve the lives of listeners.

How do you know which podcasts are actually helpful? You don’t, and that’s what I’m writing this post. I talk a lot about money on this blog, but finance is a topic in need of fleshing out. A podcast is a great platform to dig into heavier topics, ones more easily understood with a back-and-forth conversation. Listen, sometimes my eyes drift when I’m reading a 1500-word article too. Podcasts can come with you on car rides, flights, jogs, even to work if your boss doesn’t mind you wearing headphones. Can’t say the same about a blog post.

If you want to learn more about money, finance, and economics, you’ll want to add these four podcasts to your list. They’re free, informative, and you don’t need a finance degree to understand the concepts. Here’s my top four:


Stacking Benjamins

Hosted by Joe Saul-Sehy

Common sense personal finance advice from a guy recording in his mom’s basement. No seriously, he’s doing the show from his mom’s basement. But here’s the catch: Joe Saul-Sehy worked as a financial advisor for 16 years and later did media work for American Express. The show explores finance topics like saving, investing, real estate, and entrepreneurship and turns them into hilarious discussions. Discussions that often veer wayyy off topic. Mixing in a few laughs makes finance an easy topic to tackle and there’s no shortage on this show.

Click here to listen to Stacking Benjamins


Freakonomics Radio

Hosted by Steven Dubner (and sometimes Steven Levitt)

From the authors of the bestselling book comes “the podcast that explores the hidden side of everything”. Freakonomics Radio is hosted by former New York Times journalist Steven Dubner (and sometimes University of Chicago economist Steven Levitt) and discusses economic, financial, and social topics from perspectives you might not anticipate. For example, how financially literate are Americans? Dubner interviews researcher Annamaria Lusardi found that only 30% of Americans could answer three basic finance quiz questions (and the rest of the world didn’t do much better). Which industry is the most generous with charitable giving? Would you believe… the pharmaceutical industry? Dubner and Levitt look at the world a little bit differently.  Challenging conventional “wisdom” with interesting facts and interviews. Now in its ninth year, the Freakonomics Radio archives contain over 800 episodes.

Click here to listen to Freakonomics Radio


Animal Spirits

Hosted by Michael Batnick and Ben Carlson

Meet two young professional money managers who survived the Great Financial Crisis. They lived through the worst and now want to pass down lessons to the next generation of investors. Batnick and Carlson are relatively new to podcasting and the show has a millennial tilt with discussions on Elon Musk’s Twitter feed and the failure of MoviePass. But the show is filled with smart and funny takes from guys in an industry not known for levity. You’ll learn about the inner workings of the stock markets, how different asset classes function, and how to ignore the doomsday financial news headlines you read all too frequently.

Click here to listen to Animal Spirits


Money For The Rest of Us

Hosted by David Stein

David Stein is a former institutional money manager who decided to take up podcasting to help the average Joe. Stein wants to improve the American retirement situation by making sure people save, invest, and stay informed about economic and political issues. Some recent topics include the growing national debt, the trade war with China, inflation, and how millennials can deal with crushing debt. Stein is a rational, balanced observer of how our financial system operates. You’ll be better with money after spending a hour per week with him.

Click here to listen to Money For The Rest of Us


These podcasts are available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, SoundCloud, and Stitcher. Got any you’d like to add to the list? Leave a comment below with a link to your favorite podcasts.

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