Growth Hacking Your LoanGifitng Profile

Growth hacking is a popular term among start ups and small businesses, but this concept can also be applied to making the most of your LoanGifting profile and debt repayment plans!

What is growth hacking?

Growth hacking is defined as “the process of rapid experimentation across marketing funnel, product development, sales segments, and other areas of the business to identify the most efficient ways to grow a business.”

In plain English: Growth hacking is experimenting with techniques to improve a business or an area of your life.

How can you use growth hacking?

You can use classic growth hacking techniques to earn more micro-donations to your LoanGifting profile.  Intrigued by paying off your debt more quickly and effectively? Check out these five growth hacking techniques to apply to your own LoanGifting journey, today!

Technique # 1 Polish and Prep

Before experimenting with growth hacking techniques, first make your LoanGifting profile shine! Make sure your profile includes:

  • Basic information like your name, school, degree, and current job
  • Tells a story about your debt repayment journey
  • Features a great profile picture! (See our tips for taking a great profile pic here)

Technique # 2 Pull Contacts

In growth hacking terms, this is the “acquisition” step. Acquisition simply means gaining new customers. In your case, acquisition means drawing more eyeballs to your LoanGifting profile – and hopefully a few donations.

To get more attention on your LoanGifting profile, there are a few steps to take:

  • First, create a spreadsheet to house all of your contacts and their information.
  • Next, divide the spreadsheet into categories. Some ideas: family, friends, coworkers, classmates, neighbors, club members, etc.
  • Then, fill in the names of everyone you know, under their respective category.
  • Finally, find and add each contact’s most updated contact information into the spreadsheet.

It’s also important to note how you want to contact people about your LoanGifting profile. How would each person want to hear from you?  What will be the easiest and most effective method for contacting?

Possible contact methods:

  • Physical mailing address
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Social media usernames on different platforms

Technique # 3 Create A Great Offer

Now that you’ve prepped your profile and pulled contacts, it’s time to “activate” your campaign. Activation is the time to persuade your friends, family, and colleagues to take a look at your LoanGifting profile – and hopefully make a small donation!

To spread the word about your LoanGifting profile, create a great email, letter, or brief message to share on social media. Make sure to keep the message brief, polite, and include a call to action, i.e. your LoanGifting profile link.

For tips on writing a great LoanGifting email or message, see this post.

Technique # 4 Schedule and Automate

Growth hackers love to make their experimenting easier with a schedule and by automating tasks.

To make the most of your growth hacking experimentation, it’s essential to:

  • Make a schedule: How and when will you tell your network about LoanGifting?
  • Detail your schedule: Break the schedule down into monthly, weekly, and daily tasks. This will help you stay on track and meet both small daily goals (send 2 emails) to your bigger goals (earn 3 micro-donations this month).
  • When will you complete your tasks? Every morning with coffee in hand, after dinner, during your lunch break….whatever works best for you is the best time!
  • Automate emails or social media posts with free online tools.
  • Batch tasks like sending letters or making calls in chunks, to make the most of your time.

Technique # 5 Measure

As you begin experimenting with ways to gain more attention to your LoanGifting profile, keep notes about what works and what didn’t make the impact you wanted.

By tracking your progress and seeing what works best, you can make tweaks to future micro-donation campaigns.  In short: the more you know, the faster you can grow.

Happy hacking, LoanGifters!

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