Help a Friend By Saying Thank You With LoanGifting

Instead of gifting another bottle of hand lotion or a smelly candle as a thank you present, how about helping your friend, co-worker, or cousin repay their student loan debt? A LoanGifting contribution is the perfect gift to give anyone struggling under the burden of student loan debt. Next time you need to show some appreciation, forget the flowers. Ditch the candy and cupcakes. Student loan repayments are the best presents ever! 

Remember: making a monetary contribution isn’t the only way to say thank you to someone with student debt. In fact, here are three big ways your knowledge, expertise, and yes, a possible small donation, can be the best thank you gift ever!

Help Create Their LoanGifting Profile

Your friend or family member might have student loan debt, but not yet heard about the LoanGifting platform. To get them started on their crowdsourcing journey, share your Loangifting profile. Then, help your buddy set up their own LoanGifting profile! As you help your pal set up their profile, be sure to:

  1. Help them distill their personal story and journey into a compelling profile.
  2. Remind them to include the steps they are taking to pay back their own loan.
  3. Edit for clarity and language choice.
  4. Check out this post for more tips of crafting a great  LoanGifting profile.

Share Your Expertise

Awesome work! You’ve helped your friend create their LoanGifting profile! Now it’s time to help them out even more by sharing your next area of expertise: debt repayment contributions.

A new LoanGifting member might feel awkward or unsure about how to tactfully share their profile and ask their network for contributions. There are several ways you can help.

  1. Share your own experiences. Did you share your LoanGifting profile on social media? Ask for LoanGifting donations for birthday presents this year in an email? Successfully earn the attention of the donors on the site? No matter your experience, provide tips and trick they can use to share their profile or secure donations.
  2. Answer any and all questions. This might be your friend’s first experience with crowdfunding. Answer questions about the platform, or refer them to the LoanGifting About page.
  3. Share links of success stories. There are many success stories on LoanGifting. Share these with your friend to show it can be done! Check out Meghan Preiss, Zeke Johnson, and other members profiles to see all the people who are steadily earning loan repayment gifts and paying down their debts!

Send their first donation

You’ve set up their LoanGifting profile. You’ve shared your expertise on sharing a profile and respectfully asking for donations. Now, it’s time to pay it forward. If you have the cash, be the first to send a gift to your friend on LoanGiftingAs we all know, any amount of cash towards student debt repayment is a lot, and will mean even more to the newly initiated LoanGifting member.  

“We lift by rising others,” – Robert Ingersoll

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