How Crowdfunding is Helping Students Pay College Debt

College students and graduates know all too well about the costs that come along with getting a college education. Right now the national debt continues to rise with no end in sight. The issue many are facing is that once they finish school, they now have to find a way to pay off their student loans. As a company that has multiple employees with student debt, we understand the burden that the loans have. We are here to tell you student loans do not have to be stigmatized as a negative. The fact you have taken the first step to pay off your loans is a positive, as well as raising funds to speed up the process of doing so.

The LoanGifting platform was created for students to have a credible source for the sole purpose of raising funds towards student loans. Crowdfunding is a billion dollar industry and there are outlets who have had major success with crowdfunding, but none were created specifically for student loans.

By creating this outlet, we are giving students a platform to start having a conversation about their student loans, which for some might be tough to do. When each user begins a campaign, it becomes their own personal platform to tell their unique story and opens the door to an open dialogue about debt with friends and family. It also offers the user endless opportunities to pay off their debt, depending on how dedicated they are in networking their campaign.

Our team takes great pride in establishing and maintaining relationships with our users, and are always available to help in any way necessary. Be sure to stay on the lookout for our weekly tips to ensure your profile is used to its full capacity.

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