How to Write a Great LoanGifting Story on Social Media: Part 1

Social media was made for sharing stories – and that makes your favorite social media platform the perfect vehicle for sharing your LoanGifting profile!

Here are five key pieces to include in your next social media post about your LoanGifting profile and debt repayment plan:

Tip # 1 Remember the Basics

To start out, make sure you include the basics. Every great story includes the 5 W’s and the 1 H:

  1. Who
  2. What
  3. When
  4. Where
  5. Why
  6. How

For a great social media post about your LoanGifting profile, make sure to include all of these introductory details in your post:

  1. The Who is taken care of, thanks to your user name!
  2. Briefly explain what LoanGifting is: an online platform where anyone can crowd-fund small donations to help pay back their student loan.
  3. When did you graduate?
  4. Where did you graduate from?
  5. Why did you make a LoanGifting profile?
  6. How can people help you? By checking out and donating to your LoanGifting profile, of course!

It’s important to note that platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr are all great platforms for longer status updates and an excellent way to share LoanGifting with your online networks.

Tip # 2 Have a great visual

You probably have a social media profile picture you love, right? Right! But, when posting a status update about your LoanGifting profile, it’s a good idea to include a visual of you that paints a picture of you as a student or a worker. 

Examples of good photos to include: 

  • A picture of you studying, reading, or writing
  • A photo of you at work
  • A photo of you at your desk
  • A shot from graduation day
  • An image of you along with your school’s mascot, logo, name, or insignia

Whatever photo you choose, make sure it tells the story of you, the student and you, the employee!

Tip # 3 Share Your Path

In addition to sharing your basic information and a visual, a sentence or two about what you’re currently doing can also be helpful for readers.

Providing your current employment in your LoanGifting social media story is smart for two key reasons. First, it lets people who might not have heard from you in a while get refreshed on what you’re up to! Secondly, your job (or jobs) show people you’re being proactive about paying back your loan.

Tip # 4 Your Goals

Tell people what you want! Whether this is to become debt-free by your 36th birthday or to gain more education, a few words about your reason (your why) for paying off your debt can incentivize people to make a donation to your LoanGifting profile.

Your goal doesn’t need to be long – make it short, sweet, and personal!

Tip # 5 The Pitch

Wrap up your social media post by politely and cheerfully asking for any donations. Make sure to provide a link to your LoanGifting profile, so people can easily access your account and contribute if they feel so moved.


Be sure to tune in next time for How to Write a Great LoanGifting Story on Social Media: Part 2.

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