LoanGifting Challenges Philanthropic Organizations to Rescue This Generation’s Students

Millions of hard-working Americans need help in battling $1 trillion in educational loans. is leading the charge against our colossal student loan problem by challenging America’s philanthropic community to take a stand and help more than 45,000,000 U.S. students crawl out from under over $1.5 trillion dollars’-worth of national educational debt. Beginning today, LoanGifting is calling on every charitable organization in America (particularly those affiliated with educational assistance) to review their mission statements and make a lasting impact on the lives of millions of suffering students.

That’s right:  It’s time to start thinking big.

Over the next few months, LoanGifting will also spearhead a movement to alert charitable organizations to a nation-wide debt relief campaign aimed at transforming the U.S. economy and supporting students in need. This effort will include the establishment of a new LoanGifting non-profit foundation, which will give 100% (yes, you read that correctly: 100%) of its donations to student loan borrowers. The company expansion was a no-brainer for LoanGifting CEO, Ravi Sawhney, who got the idea when reviewing charitable returns from across the U.S. “Almost $400 billion dollars is given annually to charities, the LoanGifting Foundation can help charities come to the rescue of many student debt holders, especially those in default,” Sawhney observed.

The struggle, as Sawhney suggests, is very, very real…and yet so many charity endowments donated to educational causes have little to do with student loans. So, while millions may be given for that new campus rec center, an entire generation of students and recent grads are still saddled with a whopping debt that collectively amounts to more than five times the cost of rebuilding the properties affected by all of this year’s major hurricanes—Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria—combined.

Charities need to broaden their scope and start lending a hand…now. LoanGifting is ready to show the way. Follow us and get on board by bringing aid to America’s future inventors, innovators, engineers and artists. Donate today. Secure our tomorrow.

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