LoanGifting Encourages Parents, Grandparents, Friends and Family to Help Relieve Student Debt This Holiday Season

As 2017 draws to a close and you struggle to find the perfect holiday present for your loved ones, consider giving the students in your life the greatest gift imaginable: a future free of debt, made possible by a LoanGifting donation.

With national student loan figures inching toward $1.5 trillion, and nearly 70% of graduates with a bachelor’s degree weighed down by financially paralyzing educational loan payments, student debt is poised to become one of the biggest American catastrophes in modern times. Students and recent grads are crying out for some relief and hoping for a fresh start. The good news? Helping them has never been easier…or more effectual.

LoanGifting’s crowdsourced platform makes cutting into student debt as simple as ordering a gift online. In fact, it actually makes things even simpler. A donation toward your child, grandchild, friend or relative’s LoanGifting account will sync directly with their respective loan servicer and make an instant cut into their individual loan principal. With this third-party solution in place, there’s no need to worry the money won’t make it into the right hands (or that it’ll be used for impractical purchases). One powerful click and your student’s future gets brighter. That’s better than any gift card you could ever buy.

This season, LoanGifting invites you to make lasting change with the gifts you choose to give. This national student debt crisis only goes away if caring, compassionate donors like yourself take charge. Keep this in mind when looking over your shopping list. New tablets, smartphones, clothes or cooking ware are nice, but they don’t pay bills or open up the door to financial freedom. Make a holiday contribution to a LoanGifting account today.

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  1. are loan gifting donations tax deductible

  2. I am sorry but not currently. There is a bill that is in the process of potentially going through Congress that would allow tax deduction but not currently. You can fill this out to help this bill go through! ( Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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