LoanGifting Matters: La’Fanique Reed

Welcome to our new series, LoanGifting Matters. In this series, we’ll profile extraordinary LoanGifters who are working tirelessly to pay back their student loan debt – and who need our help to live debt-free lives. Today’s post features community member La’Fanique Reed.

Meet La’Fanique Reed

La’Fanique Reed graduated from the Mississippi State University with a B.S. in Math in 2016, and received her MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Louisiana State University, Shreveport in 2018.

As a first generation college student, who grew up in a single parent household in Lithonia, Georgia, La’Fanique studied math, entrepreneurship, and innovation to build her analytical, leadership, and strategic planning skills.

Currently, La’Fanique works as Benefits Specialist. She dreams of a career in Civil Rights Law, with a focus on Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity. However, her mountain of student debt is holding her back from pursuing her dreams.

“I’m very passionate about creating a spirit of inclusion in the workplace and leveling the playing field for everyone. I also see opportunities outside of the workplace and in the country as a whole to make equitable chances to ensure that everyone can and does fulfill their American Dream,” La’Fanique said. “What is so compelling is knowing that my passions and work could be used as a catalyst for a brighter future. I look at Thurgood Marshall and Ruth Bader Ginsburg and think, ‘I could build onto their work and continue to push our country in a more inclusive direction.’”

Dreams on Hold

Despite her desire to attend law school and fight for equality as a civil rights lawyer, the accrual of more student debt terrifies La’Fanique.

“For many people it’s a “no brainer” to continue through school and “worry about the loans later.” However, I am constantly thinking about my student loan balance and my mounting interest,” La’Fanique said. “I want to first pay off my existing student loans before returning to school. If I choose to go to school before paying off my loans, my student debt will without a doubt reach the six-figure range.”

A Tireless Entrepreneur

La’Fanique has pursued multiple avenues to reduce her student debt and works tirelessly every day to reduce her expenses and increase her income. She has taken advantage of income-driven repayment plans to lower her monthly required payment. She also always pays more than the monthly minimum on her debt every two weeks. Additionally, La’Fanique has taken on multiple jobs to pay back her debt. She’s even started her own tutoring company, where she tutors students 6 days a week, for extra income!

Discovering LoanGifting

When researching options to make a case to her employer for a student loan repayment employee benefit, La’Fanique discovered LoanGifting and instantly made her profile. She hopes to use LoanGifting to pay back her student loan debts more quickly and efficiently.

“I hope that my profile empowers at least one person to help me accomplish my goal of paying my loans off and pursuing what I believe I am called to do. Honestly, it takes a village and anything helps!” La’Fanique said.

How to Help La’Fanique

Let’s help make La’Fanique another “first in family” by helping her become debt-free!

Here’s what you can do to help La’Fanique:

  1. Make a donation (any and every amount helps, even $5!) to help contribute towards paying off  La’Fanique Reed student loan debt.
  2. Share La’Fanique’s story and LoanGifting profile on social media, along with a request for a small donation. 
  3. Share La’Fanique story with 5 friends or family members who could make a $5+ donation and help her pay down her debt. La’Fanique’s LoanGifting profile:


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