LoanGifting Matters: Vincent Taddonio’s Story

Welcome to our new series, LoanGifting Matters. In this series, we’ll profile extraordinary LoanGifters who are working tirelessly to pay back their student loan debt. The very first post in this series features community member Vincent Taddonio.

Vincent’s Story:

Vincent Taddonio dreams of becoming a robotics engineer in nuclear mechanics. To make his dream a reality he attended Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and earned an Associate of Science degree in May 2016.

Vincent hoped a college education would set him up for a successful future. Instead, he’s now struggling to stay afloat under a crippling amount of student loan debt.

Unable to find work in his desired field, Vincent has taken a job at the Whirlpool factory to make ends meet. His wife, who dreams of working as a elementary school teacher, works at a truck stop. Despite their combined 100+ hours of work every week, Vincent and his wife are unable to provide for themselves. In Vincent’s own words:

“I have been eating nothing but a bowl of oatmeal and 3 peanut butter sandwiches for about a year.”

Working Even Harder:

Additionally, the couple has moved in with family to help reduce their bills. Despite sticking to a strict budget, Vincent and his wife still cannot afford basic living expenses. Vincent also cannot afford to make his monthly student loan payments.

“We can’t keep our heads above water. We work combined 100 hours a week and we just can’t do it anymore. We are on an extremely tight budget and do not splurge whatsoever. My entire family has been poor our whole lives. Please, we need help.”

Determined to pay back his debt, Vincent discovered the Student LoanGifting platform and immediately crafted a compelling profile. Since then, Vincent has become one of the most active Student LoanGifting members. To date Vincent had set out hundreds – that’s right, hundreds – of requests asking for help to crowdfund his loan payments. In short, he is doing everything he can to pay off his student loan debt. And now, we, the members of the Student LoanGifting community, can also help Vincent get out of debt!

Here’s what you can do to help Vincent:

  1. Make a donation to help pay down Vincent’s student loan debt.
  2. Share Vincent’s story and LoanGifting profile on social media. Here’s a Tweetable link:
  3. Share Vincent’s story with 5 friends or family members. Ask if they would consider skipping their next Starbucks run for a donation towards Vincent’s student debt payoff instead. Vincent’s LoanGifting profile:

Let’s use the power of this network to support each other. Let’s help our fellow LoanGifters pay off their student loan debt! As the saying goes:“A rising tide lifts all boats.”


Want to nominate yourself or another community member for a Loangifting Matters profile? Email Courtney at [email protected] with the subject line LoanGifting Matters Profile. Include a brief explanation for your nomination.

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