Nancy Grasmick Teacher Award (Maryland)

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The Nancy Grasmick Teacher Award provides loan repayment assistance to those teachers that have qualifying student loan debt and have taught in Maryland for the past 2 years. In addition to meeting the general Janet L Hoffman LARP requirements, applicants must also meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Teach in science, technology, engineering, or math subjects; OR teach in a school in which at least 75% of the students are enrolled in the free meal program in the state for 2 years, AND
  • Have received the highest performance evaluation rating for the most recent year available in the county in which the teacher has taught.


Awards will be determined by an applicant’s overall reported educational debt at the time of application. Recipients will lock-in to an award level that contains set award amounts. Award funds are distributed annually over a three (3) year period as long as the recipient remains eligible and continues to submit the required annual employment, lender and tax documentation by the September 29 deadline.

Total Debt Overall Award Limit Yearly Payment
$75,001 – Over $30,000 $10,000
$40,001 – $75,000 $18,000 $6,000
$15,001 – $40,000 $9,000 $3,000
$15,000 – Below $4,500* $1,500*

*Payment amount cannot exceed total debt; amount will be adjusted


Recipients of lock-in awards are required to submit annual employment, lender and tax documentation by the September 30 deadline for each year that they receive funding. Failure to submit required documentation by the deadline or failure to report changes in your employment status and/or salary level throughout the service/award years will make you ineligible for the award.

Loans That Qualify
  • Stafford loans
  • Grad PLUS loans
  • Perkins loans
  • Consolidation loans
  • Private student loans
Next Steps

You can find application forms on the website linked in the title of this section. You can also contact their office for a paper application.

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