North Dakota Loan Repayment—State Program Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Certified Nurse Midwives

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Eligible Disciplines:

  • Physicians
  • Advanced Practice Registered Nurses
    • Nurse Practitioners
    • Clinical Nurse Specialists
    • Nurse Anesthetists
    • Certified Nurse Midwives
  • Physician Assistants
  • Clinical Psychologists (licensed by the State Board of Psychologist Examiners)
  • Behavioral Health Professionals
    • Licensed Addiction Counselors
    • Licensed Professional Counselors
    • Licensed Social Workers
    • Registered Nurses
    • Specialty Practice Registered Nurses

Financial Benefits:

Providers working full time (40 hours/week) can enter into an agreement for up to five years and be eligible to receive the following loan repayment

Discipline Total State Payment Total Community Match Total Possible Award
Physician $100,000 $ 50,000 $150,000
APRN, PA $ 20,000 $  2,000 $ 22,000
Clinical Psychologist $ 60,000 $ 15,000 $ 75,000
Behavioral Health $ 20,000 $  2,000 $ 22,000

Application Deadline:

Complete applications are due by March 15th.  Once received, reviewed and verified, applications will be forwarded to the State Health Council for consideration at the April or May meeting.

Loans That Qualify

  • Stafford loans
  • Grad PLUS loans
  • Consolidation loans
  • Perkins loans

Next Steps

You must complete an application and a community participant form.

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