Revised Pay As You Earn

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To Be Eligible …

You must be a Direct Loan borrower. FFELP loans can be consolidated into the Direct Loan program to become eligible, but Parent PLUS loans and Consolidation loans that repaid Parent PLUS loans are not eligible.

You must make 20 years of eligible payments if you only borrowed undergraduate loans and 25 years of eligible payments if you borrowed any graduate loans (or 10 years of payments if you work for a public service or nonprofit employer).

Revised Pay As You Earn (REPAYE) caps your maximum monthly payment at 10% of your discretionary income (the difference between your AGI and 150% of the annual poverty guideline for your family size and state). If you are eligible, you can have up to 100% of your outstanding balance forgiven after making the required 20 or 25 years of eligible payments.

Loans That Qualify
  • Direct Stafford loans
  • Direct Grad PLUS loans
  • Direct Consolidation loans (excludes loans used to repay Parent PLUS loans)
  • Perkins loans (if consolidated)
Next Steps

 To apply for REPAYE, sign in to and complete an IDR request form.

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