Segal AmeriCorps Education Award

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To Be Eligible…

The Segal AmeriCorps Education Award is a post-service benefit earned by individuals who complete a term of national service in approved AmeriCorps programs. The award is named after Eli Segal, a pioneer of national service and the first CEO of the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS).

The Award may be used to pay educational costs at eligible post-secondary institutions, including many technical schools and G.I. Bill approved programs, or to repay qualified students loans. The dollar amount of the Education Award is equal to the maximum amount of the U.S. Department of Education Pell Grant and may change year to year.

Award Amount

Beginning in the fiscal year 2010, the amount of a full-time Education Award is equivalent to the maximum value of the Pell Grant for the year in which the term of national service is completed.  The award amount may change as the Pell Grant amount changes.  Once an award is earned, the awarded amount does not change.  The Award amount for part-time service programs varies based on the length of service.


Participation Type Minimum # of Hours Amount
Full-Time (FT) 1,700 $ 5,920.00
Half-Time (HT)   900 $ 2,960.00
Reduced Half-Time (RHT)   675 $ 2,255.24
Quarter-Time (QT)   450 $ 1,566.14
Minimal-Time & Summer Associate (MT & SA)   300 $ 1,252.91
AmeriCorps Affiliate (AT)   100 $   333.30

If you are uncertain about the amount of your award, contact your AmeriCorps program or project sponsor.


Anyone who completes a term of service within a 12-month period, in one of the following programs, is eligible to earn the award.

  • AmeriCorps NCCC
  • AmeriCorps State and National
  • AmeriCorps VISTA


Number of Service Terms

  • AmeriCorps NCCC- no limit on service terms, but members may NOT serve more than two consecutive terms
  • AmeriCorps State and National- four terms
  • AmeriCorps VISTA- five years total

Although an individual can serve more than two terms, a single person can NOT earn more than the value of two, full-time Education Awards. See Value of Education Awards for more information.

If you have questions regarding this scholarship, check out the AmeriCorps website.

Loans That Qualify

• Stafford loans
• Consolidation loans
• Parent loans
• Grad PLUS loans
• Perkins loans
• State-funded loans
• Health Education Assistance Loans (HEAL)
• Nursing Student Loans (NSL)
• Primary Care Loans (PCL)
• Supplemental Loans for Students (SLS)

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