Student Debt Stressing You Out? 5 Steps to Beat the Debt Blues

(Disclaimer: The information posted here is not intended to substitute the advice of a medical professional. If you are struggling, please seek professional help.)

We all know student loan debt puts an enormous amount of stress on your financial life. But, student debt can also hinder your emotional and mental well-being. Feeling down about your student debt? Here are five small actions you can take to deal with debt stress – right now.


An easy way to boost your mood when you’re feeling blah? Clean something! Whether it’s washing windows, vacuuming, or scrubbing shower tiles, cleaning is a low-cost way to give yourself a little lift.

Sparkly windows, dusted floors, and a squeaky-clean tub all improve a physical space, which instantly improves your mood. Plus, there’s something intrinsically motivating about literally cleaning the dirt, grime, and dust out of your life. Cleaning can help provide a sense of control over your life and spur other positive actions.


Exercise is a natural endorphin booster. If you’re feeling stressed about your student loan, schedule time for a walk, a bike ride, or any other physical activity you enjoy. 

Exercise helps relieve stress, improves your mood short-term, and also ensures great sleep. 

To make physical activity even more enjoyable, work up a sweat with a friend or family member. This healthy date will help you connect with a loved one and burn calories. 

Wanna help reduce your student debt stress? Find an activity you enjoy and get sweating!


Volunteering is an especially effective way to boost your mood. First, volunteering helps you take your own troubles. Secondly, volunteering is a great way to meet new people and feel a sense of connection to your local community. Third, volunteering creates a sense of personal purpose, as you work to improve the lives of other.

You can find a one-time or on-going volunteer gig on websites like VolunteerMatch or Just select the filters you want (i.e. location, length, area of focus) and a dozens of volunteer gigs will pop up. All you have to next is decide how you want to help!

Get Outside

People who spend just 15 minutes in nature feel happier than those stuck inside, according to research.  Even if you’re incredibly busy, try to squeeze in pockets of outdoor time into your day. Here are fours easy ways to get outside:

  1. Take a 5-15 minute walk outside (even if it’s in a parking lot) during your break at work.
  2. Wake up 15-20 minutes earlier for a quick walk before breakfast
  3. Try an after dinner power walk.
  4. Visit a park on your day off


Laughter truly is the best medicine for a bad mood. Help momentarily reduce the stress caused by your student loan debt by giving yourself a giggle.

Some quick fast ways to induce a laugh: watch a funny Internet video, read a comic strip, or call a hilarious friend. 

Need more even more laughter? Try watching a funny movie or television show, schedule an outing with a funny friend, or read a book guaranteed to make you giggle.

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