The Art of Writing a LoanGifting Thank You Note

If you’ve been the lucky recipient of a contribution towards your repaying your student debt on LoanGifting, it’s time to write a thank you note! We might live in a digital world ruled by texts and Tweets, but there’s nothing quite like a meaningful, personalized thank you note to show your appreciation to someone. Here’s six easy steps to writing a great thank you note to a send to your next  LoanGifting donor: 

1. Personalize the opening

Open your note with a salutation and the donor’s first name. Feel free to be informal here, if appropriate. For example, if you call your Aunt Kristen, Auntie Kay, address her as such in your note! Personalized openings will set the tone of your note.

2. Express gratitude in the opening line

The first line is the place to tell your donor how much you appreciate their gift! Whether this gift was a surprise and brightened your day, or a belated birthday present, write about how great it was to receive!

3. Be specific on how their gift will help pay down your debt and improve your life.

Now it’s time for two to three sentences about the impact this gift will have on your life. Briefly highlight how their contribution helps you pursue your dreams. Also make sure to note the positive improvement repaying your student loan debt down will have on your overall quality of life. Explaining this will truly help your donor understand the importance their contribution has made in your life – and make them feel extra appreciated.

4. Thank again and sign off

It’s called a thank you note for a reason! Express gratitude once more, and then sign off with as much love as you feel appropriate.

5. Decide – electronic or snail mail?

An email thank you will suffice (and be received instantly) for the majority of donors. But, if a donor made an especially generous contribution towards your debt repayment, a handwritten note or fun card will really show your appreciation in another, bigger way.

6. Check out this example thank you note:

Dear Auntie Kay,

Thank you so much for your contribution towards my student loan debt last week on LoanGifting! Your debt repayment gift was an awesome way to kick off my 27th birthday and one of the highlights of my entire day!

Your contribution towards my student debt repayment will really help me as I pursue my dreams of becoming an financial analyst. Thanks to your support, I will now be pay off my student loans sooner rather than later and live debt free!

I am so grateful for your generous support as I work to repay my student loan. Thank you again Auntie Kay!




Excited to see you at the family reunion in two months!

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