The sacrifices people make to meet their monthly student loan payments

A recent survey has found that over 80 percent of Americans with student loans have been forced to make sacrifices simply to meet their monthly payment. With the student loan debt growing by $2,700 every second and totaling over $1.3 trillion, AICPA conducted a survey to see the impact it is having on American’s and their ability moving forward in life. The numbers show that 81% of adults that have student loans say it has effected them financially, as well as the personal sacrifices due to debt they have. 

Our main purpose at LoanGifting is to give students and graduates the opportunity to not be a part of the 80 percent who are struggling each month to make their payment. We know first-hand the burden student loans can have on you, which is exactly why we created our platform to begin with. 

We are working overtime to make LoanGifting the future for paying off student loans and cannot wait to show you the new features we have been working on!

As always, we will keep you updated with student loan news and our progress as we get closer to launching!

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