Tips for a Great LoanGifting Profile Picture

Today, we’re here to help you make your LoanGifting profile stand out…with tips for a great LoanGifting profile picture! Why do you need a great profile picture? First, a good profile photo will make your LoanGifting page easy for friends and family to find. Secondly, a photo will personalize your profile!

We’ve got several simple tactics to make sure your profile picture is in tip top shape. If you’re LoanGifting profile doesn’t have a photo yet, this post will help you take a great one. And, if you feel like your profile pic needs a boost, these tips will help you too! Now, here are our best tips to taking a great profile picture:

Enlist a photographer

Don’t freak out! We’re not saying you need a professional photographer to take your LoanGifting profile picture. But, using a parent, friend, colleague, significant other, or classmate to take your photo will ensure several things. First, the photo will be in focus and well framed. After all, taking a good selfie can be tough! Plus, having someone else take your photo means your photographer can direct you to smile more, or look to the right, or stop slouching. Find someone you trust and ask them to start snapping!


Just like with any photo – smile for your LoanGifting profile picture! A smile makes you seem friendly and invites potential donors to read more about your education story. Keep the smile natural, and don’t feel the need to go overboard hamming it up. Feel nervous before the flash goes off? Have your photographer tell a goofy joke. Or remember a fun time you recently had with a friend, to naturally bring a grin to your face.

Skip the “Cheese”

Did you know saying “cheese” isn’t actually the best word to induce a smile? Sometimes “cheese” can result in a forced, gritted teeth smile, thanks to the “eeeee” noise at the end of the word. If you’re struggling for a natural smile, try saying a word that ends in a “uh” noise instead. For example, you can try “pizza” or “mocha.” Say pizza!

Focus on Your Face

Your face should be the focus of your LoanGifting profile picture. After all, your profile is all about you! Ideally, aim for at least 60% of your face to be your profile picture. This ratio will make the image instantly clear and provide a clear focus point for a viewer.

Wear appropriate clothing

There’s no need to put on a suit for your LoanGifting profile picture. But, business casual clothing, or clothing you feel good in will project an image of seriousness to potential donors. Or, consider using a photo featuring you at school or work. Your clothing is a great way to provide more insight into your personal story. Help potential donors connect with you in anyway you can!

Keep the background basic

The focus of your LoanGifting profile picture should be… you! Avoid busy backgrounds or anything involving crowds of people. You want your face and your story to be the focus of your LoanGifting profile, not the party going on behind you in a photograph. A simple background is best. Need some good backgrouns ideas? Try a blank wall, standing outside, or in an office or classroom setting.

Happy snapping!

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