Use Cyber Monday To Pay Back Your Student Debts!

Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday are the unofficial kick-offs  to the holiday season in the United States! But, what if this Cyber Monday, you did something a little different? What if instead of enjoying online shopping deals and leftover pie… you paid back your student loan debt just a little bit faster?

How? With a quick, polite email, of course!

Many people like to get a head start on their holiday shopping on Cyber Monday, so sending a LoanGifting reminder / request email before then will help you in two key ways.

First, this email will tactfully remind loved ones that the absolute best gift for you this holiday season would be a small donation to help pay back your student loans.

Secondly, this email will ensure loved ones skip over you before they hit up any Black Friday or Cyber Monday shopping deals.

To get you started, here’s a sample email message you can send to your LoanGifting contacts, before this year’s Cyber Monday madness:

Here’s a sample email message:

FROM: [email protected]

TO: [email protected] 

SUBJECT: LoanGifting this Cyber Monday

Dear Auntie Justine,

I hope you’re having a great end to 2018! I’m looking forward to seeing you at Nana’s cookie baking party in two weeks. I can’t wait to try your famous peppermint bark again!

In addition to wishing you a happy kickoff to the holiday season, I’m also writing because I recently made a profile on LoanGifting. LoanGifting is an online crowdfunding platform where anyone with student loan debt can receive small donations from friends, family, or people from all over the world to help them pay back their student debts.

If you were generously considering giving me a gift this holiday season, a LoanGift would be the best present I could receive! Paying off my student loan is my biggest goal for this year and every single donation will help me so much.

If you’d like, you can check out my LoanGifting profile here: (INSERT YOUR PROFILE LINK)

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my email. I can’t wait to see you in a few weeks!



A Few More Helpful Hints:

  1. Timing – Try to send this email out a few days before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The email will serve as a reminder for others to skip buying you any gifts at the mall or during any Cyber Monday shopping sprees.
  2. Contacts – Make sure your contacts on LoanGifting are up-to-date and accurate. Now is a great time to add more contacts if you have them!
  3. Go the Extra Mile – If you plan on sending a Cyber Monday reminder / donation request email, also consider sending a physical holiday card in the mail. The cheerful snail mail will not only be appreciated, but will foster goodwill amongst your network.

Happy Cyber Monday!

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