Virginia State Loan Repayment Program

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To Be Eligible …

The Commonwealth of Virginia (the Commonwealth) currently participates in The Health Resources and Services Administration, Bureau of Clinician Recruitment and Service (BCRS) Grants to States for Loan Repayment. This VA-SLRP is operated by the Virginia Department of Health-Office of Health Equity (VDH-OHE) providing a non-taxed incentive to qualified medical, dental, behavioral health and pharmaceutical (pharmacists) professionals in return for a minimum of two (2) years of service at an eligible practice site in one of the federally designated Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs) in a qualified field of practice in Virginia. VA-SLRP requires a dollar for dollar match from the community/practice site. The maximum award for a four (4) year commitment is $140,000 and shall be for a qualifying educational loan. Prioritizing applications for VA-SLRP is done on a first come first serve basis with priority given to renewals. All approvals are based on the availability of funds. The participant shall meet and fulfill all requirements listed below in order to be eligible for the VA-SLRP.

All applicants shall meet the following criteria to be eligible for the VA-SLRP: – Shall sign and submit an application packet to participate in the VA-SLRP.

The applicant shall include the following in the application packet:

  •  Application with full legal name as it appears on the social security card
  • Copy of a valid social security number
  • Application with original signatures
  • Professional experience narrative
  • Proof of qualifying loan (original statement from the lender)
  • Employment contract with original signatures and employment start date
  • Complete certificates included in the application (release, loan & non-delinquent status)
  • Copy of active and valid Virginia medical license
  • Criminal history check (form: SP-167 from the Virginia State Police) (original only)
  • Application for recruitment for the practice-site (to be filled out by the practice site)
  • HPSA designation and HPSA score for the practice site (

Shall be citizens or nationals of the United States

  •  Note: Virginia Residency is not required, but the daily traveling distance shall be no longer than two (2) hours each way.

Have completed residency training and be board eligible or board certified in an eligible specialty;

  • Have completed graduate or appropriate training from an accredited program

Shall be licensed in Virginia in one of the approved specialties;

Shall be eligible for federal employment;

Shall have a signed contract to begin full-time employment at an approved site; or

Shall be currently practicing full-time at an approved eligible site;

  • Full-time service equates to 40 hours per week for a minimum of 45 weeks per year
  • A maximum of eight (8) hours per week of practice-related administrative activities is allowed and at least 32 hours per week shall be direct patient care at an approved site

Shall agree to use the VA-SLRP funds only to repay qualifying educational loans and show proof of debt reduction from VA-SLRP and the community/practice site within 60 days of receipt of loan repayment check from VA-SLRP;

  • Qualifying educational loans are Government and commercial loans for actual costs paid for tuition and reasonable educational and living expenses related to the participant’s education

Shall completely satisfy any other contractual service obligation for health professional service owed under an agreement with a federal, state, or other entity prior to beginning the period of service under the VA-SLRP

Shall not have any federal judgment liens including the following:

  • A current default on any Federal payment obligations (e.g., Health Education Assistance Loans, Nursing Student Loans, Federal income tax liabilities, Federal Housing Authority loans, etc.) even if the creditor now considers them to be in good standing;
  • Breach of a prior service obligation to the Federal/State/local government or other entity, even if they subsequently satisfied the obligation; and
  • A Federal or non-Federal debt written off as uncollectible or a waiver of any Federal service or payment obligation.

Loans That Qualify

  • Stafford loans
  • Grad PLUS loans
  • Consolidation loans
  • Perkins loans
  • Nursing Student Loans (NSL)
  • Private loans
  • State loans
  • Institutional loans

Next Steps

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