Weekly Tips to Raise Money For Your LoanGifting Campaign

There are no doubts when asking someone to donate towards your LoanGifting campaign that this can be a stressful task. The anxiety that builds inside each of us when approaching the situation of asking someone to help you towards paying off your loan is no easy feat. By using these techniques, you will find it easier each time and it will begin to come natural to you as you continue to build towards paying off your student loans.

Below are our newest edition of techniques. Enjoy. 

1)   High Energy. Every Time. Every Approach. 

When making your approach, always be sure to keep the energy high. You want to be excited about your LoanGifting campaign.Talk passionately about the impact each LoanGift will make on your goal.

If you do not come off energetic about your campaign, what makes you think the person you are talking with will be either? If you do not exude the genuine energy about paying off your student loans, what incentive would your contact have to donate towards it? Get out there and get your gifts.

2)  Have a Conversation Instead of a Sales Pitch!

One thing most of us do not like is feeling pressured by someone asking for money. It is your goal to approach your ask as a conversation and not as if you are holding your hands out for a donation. If the person you are asking for a LoanGift is unable to donate at this specific time, that is ok, continue your relationship and hopefully sometime in the future that person will be willing to give when they are ready. 

3) Grasp Your Unique Approach Style

While you may believe you do not have have the natural ability to raise money for your student loans, we hate to break the news that none of us are born to raise money. Becoming a successful spokesperson for your campaign consists of repetitive practice and an understanding that it will take time. Something you have to strive to be is consistent and confident during the process.

Get out there and start practicing your own style!

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