Why Great Emails Set the Stage for a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

When you are beginning your LoanGifting campaign, you will be excited to get the word out about your campaign. Here are some examples why great e-mails set the stage for your successful campaign.

For the best success in writing your crowdfunding emails, we would suggest breaking it into the following three segments:

1) Capture Attention

You will want to ensure that from the moment your contact’s receive your email that you grab their immediate attention. Your introduction should be personable and strong. One point of view that could help you when trying to capture someone’s attention is to put yourself in their shoes. Think to yourself, if I was on the other end, what would need to be said that would make you interested? This will help you understand your audience and what may intrigue them.

Instead of sending one e-mail to all your connections at once, you should take the extra time to personalize each individual e-mail l to make it more personable. If you are sending an e-mail to someone who has already given you a LoanGift, this would be a great time to share the impact of the their previous gift that you received from them. Everyone wants to know where their money went, as well as how it has made a difference.

2) Explain your need

The best way to make your ask for a LoanGift is to provide your connections with the impact that each gift will have. For instance, “If I raise an extra $50 this month, the overall impact can shave four years off a 10 year loan!”. By focusing on the positive impact a small amount can ultimately have, you will emphasize how important their gift can be.

3) Be a Closer!

The people you know will not donate to your LoanGifting campaign unless they are asked. You will want to be sure to make a strong ask in each of your campaign invitations. Each time you send out a letter, you will want to be direct on what you are specifically asking for. If you remember that the more directly you make your ask, the more likely the people you are asking will donate to your LoanGifting campaign.

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