Amplify Your Student LoanGifting Profile: How to Write a Great Profile, Part 2 ⬆️👍🏻

Welcome to Part 2 of our How to Write a Great Student LoanGifting Profile series! In this post, we share three simple tips to amplify your profile power, attract potential donors, and pay off your student loan debt!

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Create Easy-to-Read Structure

The first and most important way to make your Student LoanGifting profile accessible and easy to understand is to use paragraphs to your advantage.

First, multiple paragraphs will make your profile easier on the eyes –  nobody likes looking at a giant wall of text! Secondly, paragraphs or line breaks signify a new idea to a reader. When crafting your Student LoanGifting Profile, be sure each new paragraph coincides with a new part of your story.

Pro-tip: For help on creating the basics of your personal story and profile, see How to Write a Great LoanGifting Profile: Part 1 

And be sure to check out Samantha Fanter’s profile for a structurally sound profile.

Seek Advice

Another great way to boost the quality of your Student LoanGifting profile is to ask a friend to look over your profile and suggest improvements.

The benefits to working with an editor are two-fold. First, an outside reader can scan your profile for any typos or grammatical errors. For some reason, it’s always easier for an outsider to catch those mistakes!

Secondly, an editor can help amplify your personal message. Sometimes, we need an outsider to point out how great we really are! An editor who believes in you will encourage you to include accomplishments you might have otherwise skipped. A good editor is a great way to boost your profile’s power.

Show Off Your Personality

Your LoanGifting profile is an opportunity to show off the qualities that make you youTo make your profile stand out, try peppering small bits of your personality into your profile.

You could incorporate your sense of humor into your profile. Or, open your profile with a “Hey y’all!”  if that’s how you usually greet people. Or, include a story that demonstrates a key aspect of your life or personality.

Potential donors want to feel a sense of connection to you when they view your profile. Foster that connection by sharing the best version of yourself!

Pro-tip: Check out Corrine Kelly’s,  Kevin Smith’s, and Cody Wachob’s respective profiles to see variations of humor and personality-driven writing.

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