How to Write a Winning Email to Share LoanGifting With Your Network 📧

You’ve created your profile. You’ve uploaded your contacts. Now, it’s time to let your network know they can send you a LoanGift instead of a Starbucks gift card on your next birthday. The best way to spread the word about your LoanGift profile and desire to pay off your debt? Send an email!

Don’t consider this an email asking for a loan repayment gift (although that might be a lovely side outcome). Instead, consider this email a note sharing your debt-free intentions with your network, and a small reminder that a loan repayment would be the best gift for you to receive this year. A great time to send an email like this could be around your birthday, a holiday, or any occasion where people might give you a present.

Here are the five key elements you need to send a winning email to your network.

  1. Address your audience. Who are you writing to? In general, it’s best to keep your greeting polite and friendly. Don’t forget to use individualized greetings for each email instead of a generic salutation, i.e. use “Dear Aunt Jessica,” not just “Hello.”
  2. Identify yourself and introduce your LoanGift profile. After you introduce yourself and your relationship to the person, briefly explain why you’re writing. In this case, it’s to share your LoanGift profile and debt-repayment plans with your network. It would also be a good idea here to include a sentence or so about what LoanGifting is.
  3. Briefly go over your story. Key points to include in this section are where you graduated (or are attending), your year of graduation (or anticipated graduation), what you studied, and a mention about your student loan debt. You can also include a little about your current work or family situation, and what you’re doing to repay your loan. It’s best to keep this section positive in tone and focused on action and results. No guilt-tripping or complaining needed! (Be sure to check out Adam Regalia’s profile for a good example of fun, witty writing about paying back debt!)
  4. Polite call to action. Gently let your reader know you would love a LoanGift above all else for a present for your birthday/holiday this year. Focus on the benefit debt repayment would have to your overall life.
  5. Thank you. Thank your recipient for taking the time to read your email!

Sign-off. You’re almost done! Pick your-favorite sign off and then include your name. A few good sign-offs that can work for everyone in your life? Try:

  • All the best,
  • Best,
  • Have a great day!
  • Sincerely,
  • Warmly

Check out the following example email for more help on crafting a winning message.


Dear Harry,

I hope you’ve been doing well. This is Katie, your old teammate from the Wharton Dodgeball Team – go Wombats!

I’m writing to let you know I recently made a profile on Student LoanGifting. Student LoanGifting is an online crowdfunding platform where anyone with student loan debt can receive small donations from friends, family, and people all over the world to help them pay off their debt.

I graduated from the University of X in 2008 with a degree in criminal justice and $X in student loan debt. I have been diligently repaying my loan every month and I’m grateful every day to be pursuing my dreams as a crime scene analyst. If you were considering giving me a present for my birthday this month, a LoanGift would be the absolute best present I could receive! Paying off my student loan will be a huge relief for me, and every amount will help.

 Thanks so much for taking the time to read my email. I hope we can get together soon!

 All the best,


*include link to your LoanGifting profile

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